Team 2907 began as a rookie team in 2008. After seeing some of the great things that FIRST was accomplishing nationwide, Tim Scott and Mike Fawcett wanted to get involved. With the support of the Auburn School District and the generous contribution of Boeing, the team was incorporated and began the steep learning curve of participation in FRC Robotics! Dreaming, planning, mentoring, team building, and competing, Team 2907 became "TEAM" 2907. We competed successfully in the 2009 Seattle Regional competition, finishing 28 of 56. Our definition of success was to design, fabricate, and build a robot that would run reliably and be able to score points.

Season 2010 was our second year participating in the FIRST FRC program. We were still a work in progress and in addition to competing in the Seattle Regional, we entered a few of the other contests, including web design. We had a more organized build season our second year and we learned how to "play the game" much better than our first outing. We had several problems to overcome and although our robot was quick and agile and even had a device to help us climb, we had programming problems along with some unreliable parts and we just didn't compete effectively. Failure can be a great teaching tool and with the opening of our third season we are excited to make improvements.

As we began the 2011 Season we added a Robotics class to our High School and are getting into the theory behind the robot: - gears - pneumatics - drive trains - omni wheels - programming.... Our goal was to make it into the Regional Finals and we not only accomplished that but made it into the semi-final rounds finishing tied for third place! Our team really came together into a cohesive unit over the course of 2011. From kickoff to competition we worked together with our mentors putting together a quality product within a limited budget. Thank you to our sponsors and mentors!

Looking ahead at 2012, our club has already begun the process of fund-raising and brainstorming! Our goal this year is to attend two regionals, win at least one and be invited to the Championship!


















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